Samuel plays a minor role in the story as a love interest/cumbucket for Anton Freeman. Sam also has a shit haircut.  

sam is retarded and he also is shit at squash  

Samuel is lanky and unathletic looking. He struggles to attract females. His hair is greasy and unkept, as though he recently got out of bed.  He seems to nearly constantly desire to receive attention from others, whether it be positive or negative. He lacks empathy
and awareness, causing him to often behave anti-socially. It is theorised that the irritation of others by his own doing gives him a feeling of superiority and fufillment. He does not seem to realise his behaviours are quite common in adolescents. It is believed his personality developed after his uncle's molestation of him. Rumours suggest that a spinoff film with Samuel as its focus is in development, supposedly detailing his life after the events of Gattaca.

Meeting AntonEdit

Samuel first appears in a scene that takes place in a homosexually themed nightclub. He is seen dancing to the Bees Gees' "Stayin' Alive" when he is approached by Anton. The two converse for some time. Samuel confesses to Anton that he came to the nightclub for someone to call daddy. Anton asks for Samuel's mobile phone number, and Samuel gives it to him. Anton buys Samuel a cider while they converse further. After delving further into Samuel's desires for being a receiver the two call it a night.

Communicating with AntonEdit

For some time the two text and call each other regularly. They discuss their personal lives, and sexual desires. After becoming closely acquainted Anton invites Samuel to his home. 

Bondage with AntonEdit

Samuel arrives at Anton's home to find the door open. He hears Anton call out, "Come in." He does as bid. After searching the house Samuel finds Anton in a dark, secluded room towards the rear end of the house. He enters the room. Anton walks over to him, and closes the door before locking it. Samuel walks further into the room. Anton then turns on the light which reveals the contents of the room. The room contains all manner of sexual items, ranging from dildos to canes to restraints. Anton uses one of the more industrial appearing restraints on Samuel. He then whispers in his ear "This is my swamp." Anton then sexualy penetrates Samuel's anus. After a lengthy period of time Anton reaches climax. Anton unloads on Samuel's face, and orders him to swallow it. Anton then orders Samuel to leave.

Parting of ways with Anton Edit

Samuel is not contacted by Anton for several days following their intimate encounter. Samuel texts Anton questioning him about it. Anton's reply reads; Hey the other day was great but I don't think there's really anything more for us, btw ur hair is shit. Samuel bursts into tears as he realises he has been pumped and dumped.

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