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Hello, and welcome to the Gattaca Wiki, the online wiki devoted to the 1997 science fiction movie Gattaca! You will find that the wiki is still currently under construction, due to the lack of many users. However, it would be greatly appreciated by the admin if help was offered. If you need any help or have questions, just contact the administrator; He will be sure to assist you!

What is Gattaca?

Gattaca is a science fiction movie that was released in 1997. It was written and directed by Andrew Niccol. Set in the "not so far away" future, a young man wishes to aspire to a certain occupation; however, he is restricted due to a weak heart, and must do the most daring if he wants to at least have a chancei n getting in...


Overview of the Wiki


There are certain rules to follow in order to keep peace within the wiki. However, the admin will not be strict with most of the rules, as long as you are diligent and don't do anything bad, such as vandalize.

  • No Vandalism or Spam - Vandalism or Spam will be fixed whenever possible and the user will be given a warning. After being warned three times, the user will be given a temporary ban, and if they are caught once more, they will be given a permanent ban.
  • Assume Good Faith - If you are to edit here, please no spamming or vandalism. If you are just trying to put some information, but don't know if it's correct or not, contact an admin and they will be able to help.
  • Sockpuppetry - One editor, one account.
  • All Editors are Equal - Everyone is equal (even if their DNA isn't perfect) so treat everyone with respect. Please do not insult other users or be racist/stereotypical. Reports to the admin will result in a temporary ban, and if caught once more, a permanent ban.

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