Dr. Lamar is the doctor and physician in the film Gattaca, driected by Andrew Niccol. According to ledgend he pretends to admire other people's cocks but in truth he is just trying to hide the fact that he has the largest cock of all, measuring nearly 3'ft.

As this fact scares most people, Dr. Lamar has hidden his secret through the time of his life. But when he meets a man, who's cock challenges his own, he starts to become angry. This mans name was Jerome Morrow and has the largest cock in the world at 3'ft 4. As Dr. Lamar realises that his cock isn't big enough, he becomes compelled to show off that it is of a higher quality than Jeromes. After Analing the director, the director states that he was not as good as Jerome, angered by this, Dr. Lamar shoves his cock in the dirctors mouth, thus suffocating him.

After the police find the body, Dr. Lamar realises what he had done was wrong and then attempts to make up for this by allowing Jerome the opportunity to split a woman in half evan after realising Jerome was actually an in-valid and that his cock was not his.