Director Josef
Director Josef's is an ambitious character that will let nothing stand in his way. He says “It’s right that someone like you is taking us to Titan.” signifying his conditional acceptance of Vincent Freeman because he is unaware of his inferior DNA. This also shows Vincent transcending his original destiny of being a lower class citizen set out for him by the scientific and rational society. This is a great depiction of the durectors conformation to the scientific and rational scoiety because of course a person with perfect genes should be chosen.

Murder of the Mission DirectorEdit

The mission director wanted to postpone the mission and the mission had a very small window that it could launch.

The director that was killed by Josef and was hated because he caused cut backs and tried to stop the mission to the Titan numerous times. Vincent was thought to kill him but director Josef killed him with a keyboard. Director Josef was old and the mission to Titan was very important to him. The mission had a very small time frame that it could launch in and the set backs made by the mission director angered Director Josef because he was old and if they missed the time frame he wouldn't live to see the next one.

Defying SocietyEdit

Director Josef killed the mission director and his DNA would have to be exceptionally perfect for him to be working in such an honourable role at Gattaca. This shows humans can be cruel even if they have the ‘perfect’ DNA and is an example that in a society that seems to be only rational and scientific passion prevails.

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