For another character with a similar name, see Vincent Anton Freeman.


Anton Freeman is a character in the 1997 science fiction movie, Gattaca. He is portrayed by Loren Dean.

Valid/Invalid status: valid


Early LifeEdit


Anton Freeman, unlike his older brother, Vincent, was born via genetic selection from Antonio and Marie Freeman Because of this, Anton easily surpassed Vincent in many aspects due to Vincent's many diseases because of genetic mutations. Because of these genetic mutations, Vincent's parents favored Anton Freeman and regretted having Vincent not made perfect; this is the biggest reason why Anton is named after his father instead.

Police DetectiveEdit

Not much is known about Anton's life after Vincent ran away from home. However, it is assumed that Anton trained to become a detective for the city's police department, as he reappears later in the movie.

He is seen again as a young man, like Vincent, with Detective Hugo as his subordinate when Gattaca has recently witnessed the murder of the mission director, and no one knows who did it. However, with an eyelash from Vincent's "Invalid" profile, they believed that the latter was the prime suspect. The case is closed with Director Josef being the murderer.

Twist of FatesEdit

Towards the end of the movie, Vincent realizes that Anton was the police detective all along, since he shouted the latter's name when he and Irene Cassini were escaping from the police as Vincent is an 'INVALID', and if he was caught he would be accused of the murder.

Anton believes that he can get Vincent out of the situation, as he is committing fraud. But Vincent tells his younger brother that he worked too hard to get where he is.

After things heat up between the two, Anton challenges Vincent for one last game of Chicken. The two proceed to the seaside.

Surprisingly, Anton falls behind again, but Vincent keeps on going. He then asks his older brother how he did it, how he always managed to swim further. Vincent answers, "I never saved anything for the swim back," meaning that he's always had to give more than 110%, due to his disabilities, whereas Anton never dared to challenge his genetic limits.

Right as he is about to drown, Vincent saves him once again and the two swim back to shore. Anton is not seen for the rest of the movie and it is assumed that he lets Vincent go.